Niall Horan
Despite rumors saying otherwise, One Direction's resident Irish lad tweeted on Wednesday that he was not involved in a car accident at Heathrow Airport in London.

On January 23rd, Horan (@NiallOfficial) tweeted "I was not in a crash and that is not my car," which was followed a retweet of one of his fan's saying "always rumours."

Horan made no further mention of the incident on his Twitter feed after that.

The Sun had reported that eyewitnesses saw Horan crawl out of a vehicle that had skidded on some ice on the road before entering another van.

One Direction was reportedly at Heathrow Airport after returning from doing shows in Japan.

Horan appears to have slid back into his routine of chatting up his nearly 9.4 million followers on Twitter on Thursday when he tweeted "Goodmorning ! What's up? Sorry just been chillin last few days so hadn't been tweetin a lot! What's goin on?"