One Direction are countersuing after a virtually unknown American boy band, also calling itself One Direction, filed a law suit against the very well known British boy band saying that group stole their name.

According to E! News, the U.K One Direction says they have "continuously and consistently been utilizing the ONE DIRECTION Mark since ODUK made its public debut on the popular British television program 'The X Factor' in the fall of 2010."

However, the U.S. group, who are also suing Sony Music and Simon Cowell's record label for $1 million, are claiming they have been calling themselves One Direction since 2009 and are asking the hit band to change its name.

"[U.S. One Direction] is guilty of fraud, oppression or malice, and by reason thereof, [U.K. One Direction] are, in addition to their actual damages, entitled to recover punitive damages," said the U.K. One Direction's lawsuit.