Anne Hathaway at the 'One Day' premiere
The actress appears in love story ‘One Day’ alongside Jim Sturgess, and admits she is a huge fan of films that stir powerful emotions in the viewer.

She told “I love to have my heart challenged. And ripped out. And woken up, in unexpected ways. And the thing I love about romance is the more specific the characters are, the more fun the stories are.

“So it gives you great opportunities as an actor to draw a character that feels really nuanced.”
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Anne – who plays Emma in the film, about two people who spend one night together and are then shown on the same day in subsequent years of their life – added she thinks ‘One Day’ is a refreshing antidote to formulaic romantic comedies.

She said: “I don’t mean to knock traditional romcoms—they can be so much fun. But how many times can you watch people spill coffee on each other? And then three weeks later they’re soulmates, and they want to be together forever? And then at the end of the movie, somebody is running across a field?”