Olivia Wilde is gorgeous, smart as a whip and - when you actually meet her - wise and witty about the Hollywood game.

That's why it's so depressing to see her still posing for glamour shots that are way more Penthouse than Park Avenue.
This week the Irish American starlet who's proud of her Irish roots and her acting training in Dublin appears in Elle magazine in a provocative spread that underlines her blistering star power.
But, seriously, can there be anyone left in the world (teenage boys included) who still doesn't know that she's a total bombshell? Getting into figure hugging lingerie in an Elle photo spread may catch people's attention, but maybe not in a way that'll land you a role in a serious film, Olivia. Besides, you've done the whole pinup thing before, countless times (the image above is from a GQ spread that makes my point).
Remember young and impressionable girls are looking at this and thinking: is that what I have to do to get some attention?