Irish-American actress Olivia Wilde will be returning to her role of Thirteen in the Fox medical drama, House MD, this upcoming season.

"I am coming back to House. This season, as a matter of fact. It is a done deal," the 26-year-old actress told Entertainment Weekly last Thursday.

Wilde's character asked for a leave of absence for personal reasons in Season 6.

Wilde herself has been busy. During her absence from the show she has worked on the films 'Tron: Legacy' and 'Cowboys and Aliens.' She is currently filming 'The Change Up' and 'I'm Mortal.'

Said the star: “They have it all worked out and the viewers will find out where she went and why she left. I think it is an interesting progression for her. Thirteen has been through a lot so it has to be escalated. She has Huntington’s. She had a brain tumor and went blind. They are really taking some big risks this year, which is exciting.”