Jane Lynch and Olivia Newton-John

The 'Grease' actress guest starred as herself on musical drama 'Glee' in 2010, much to the delight of Jane - who plays no-nonsense cheer leading coach Sue Sylvester on the show - and was flattered to discover the 52-year-old actress gave her pet pooch her moniker as a tribute to her.

Jane told the Metro newspaper: "I'm a big fan of 'Grease'. I had a big crush on both John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John so when I saw they were in a film together I almost imploded.

"I had such a fan crush on her it would make me cry - them I got to work with her on 'Glee' years later. She was touched I named my dog after her.

"Working with her was a preposterous dream come true. She's so nice."

Quizzed about the longevity of 'Glee' - which has been running since 2009 - Jane believes the popular programme could go on "forever" as long as the new cast members live up to the standards of the original motley crew of William McKinley High School students.

She added: "That's a hotly contested topic at Fox. We're doing two more seasons and then after that - it can go on forever, you just need to keep bringing in interesting, fun kids who will grab the imagination of the viewers and if there's anyone capable of doing that, it's executive producer Ryan Murphy."