Olga Kurylenko felt in "good hands"
with Tom Cruise
The Ukrainian actress and the action star filmed some "terrifying" scenes for their new sci-fi film and despite feeling frightened during the stunts, Olga was reassured by Tom.

She told E! News: "When Tom is next to you, you feel like you're in good hands and nothing bad is gonna happen to you.

"All those action scenes and when you're dealing with machines and speed and a lot of spinning, could be a bit terrifying but ... but I looked and I thought, 'Tom Cruise is sitting right next to me. Nothing is gonna happen.' "

Although Olga, 33, trusted Tom it didn't stop her instincts from trying to take control of a motorbike they were both speeding on for one scene.
Her attempts to grab the handlebars instead left Tom panicking.

The 50-year-old hunk recently recalled: "We were riding over rough terrain in Iceland and I said to her, 'All you have to do is really hold on to me.' She had to hold on tight as every bump we hit I had to accelerate. But every time we hit a bump, her hands left my sides and she tried to grab the handlebars.

"I've never experienced anything like that in my life, I was so shocked, I almost killed us and I kept saying to Olga, 'Listen, we are moving at 50 miles an hour, please let go.' So I was driving and we'd hit a little bump and I'd be slapping her hand and I was thinking I hope the camera doesn't see me slapping her hand."