Can things get any worse? Mel Gibson has just started a case again his ex-girlfriend saying that she used the infamous violent, racist and psycho recordings to extort him.

After some people were just about to start believing his side of the vicious custody battle story, Russian Grigorieva comes out with eye-witnesses who say Gibson attacked her.

Gibson was apparently seen abusing Grigorieva, though the witnesses have not yet come forward. Also, Gibson’s ex-lover Violet Kowal has also come forward admitting he is a violent person.

"I think he has an anger problem. When he gets angry, he gets really angry,” she told E!.

"He can snap. The nice guy can suddenly be a guy who is angry and aggressive."

TMZ is reporting that these witness will come forward and tell the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department that they saw Gibson punch his ex-girlfriend on January 6 outside their home.