Faithful Ohio State fans don’t seem to want the bad publicity of having the notorious Casey Anthony on their fan list. According to 10TV, the radio show “The Dave and Jimmy Show” reportedly offered Anthony up to $10,000 for her to instead wear a University of Michigan, Ann Arbor hat, their rival school.

One of the DJ’s, Jimmy, pleaded to Anthony with. “Ten grand for wearing a Michigan hat- it’s a good deal.”

It was just yesterday that Anthony was spotted in an unspecified location - those in the Columbus area believe it to be the Old Nave Store at the Lennox Town Center - in a simple attire of jeans, a tee shirt, oversized sunglasses, and that problem-causing Ohio State hat.

Anthony was originally supposed to be back in Florida for a probation hearing, but that was set back on behalf of her lawyer. Officials also have been speculating that it’s simply too dangerous for her to go back to the state where for the past three years, people believed - and some still do - that she was guilty of murdering her three year old daughter, Caylee.
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