'Oblivion Star' Tom Cruise celebrated his daughter
 Suri's birthday early

The 'Oblivion' star - who split from his third wife Katie Holmes last June - revealed he has already bought their daughter presents and treated her to a small bash ahead of  her 7th birthday on Thursday.

Asked if he was planning anything special for Suri, he told 'On Air with Ryan Seacrest' on Wednesday: "Done already. All done. I take care of the kids early. You'll know, you have to plan ahead for these things. It's all done and all celebrated."

Despite being known as a fitness fanatic, Tom insisted he likes to indulge in sweet treats with his children.
He said: "I'll eat cake, cupcakes. I eat all that stuff."

Tom, who also shares 20-year-old daughter Isabella and 18-year-old son Connor with his ex-wife Nicole Kidman, was most recently spotted with Suri in New York last Thursday.

The 50-year-old actor spent the day with her at a park in Westchester.

Actress Katie, 34, secured full custody of Suri during her divorce from Tom, who has visitation rights.
After her special seventh birthday, Tom has reportedly arranged for Suri to have permanent access to a private jet, which is based at a Manhattan heliport.

He previously arranged for Suri to be flown out to London for five days in February, where he was filming sci-fi movie 'All You Need is Kill'.

The actor also treated the little girl to a luxurious trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, last August where they spent the night in the exclusive Cinderella Castle.