Noel and Liam singing in Oasis
The Beady Eye rocker hasn't spoken to his sibling since the guitarist walked out of their former group Oasis in August 2009 but he has now grown to think they should make up.

He said: "You think about it don't you – you think life's too f***ing short. All this b*****s.

"I suppose I can see the end coming, yeah. Because I spoke to his kid the other day on the phone. I thought it was [his 11-year-old daughter] Anais, but it was the little one [four-year-old Donovan]. And it was like, 'Oh, alright Uncle Liam' and you think to yourself, it's all b*****s [family fights] isn't it?"

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Despite his thawing attitude, Liam stands by his conduct in the aftermath of Oasis' split and can't see either himself or his brother changing.
He added: " I still stand by everything that went on. And I think I've changed a little bit... I'm still me so Noel's going to have to get over it. I'm not gonna f***ing change and I'm sure he's not gonna change. And there you go."

Earlier this year, Liam took legal action against Noel after he claimed their former group Oasis cancelled shows because the singer was hungover, and the 'Roller' hitmaker admits he "enjoyed" filing a lawsuit against his brother.

Liam – who has since dropped the action – told NME magazine: "It wasn't nasty. I don't think it was nasty. Quite enjoyed it, to be quite honest."

The 'Bring the Light' singer insists he had to take action in order to "put Noel in his place" and wouldn't hesitate to bring legal proceedings against his brother again.

He said: "He lied, he was making up f***ing lies at his press conference so he needed to be put in his place. And I think he's been put in his place. And if he f***ing carries on again, he'll get another one."

The band's most widely known song 'Wonderwall':