McIlroy and Wozniacki
Golf sensation Rory McIlroy has been traveling the world since he was 16, and though he’s only 23 and admittedly having a ball, the world’s top ranked pro admits that the globetrotting can sometimes get tiring.

Speaking to the Irish Independent last weekend, McIlroy says that at some point in the next few years he wants to establish some kind of home base.  His Co. Down mansion, which he hardly ever saw, is currently on the market, but living out of a luxury suitcase isn’t McIlroy’s idea of paradise.

“I'd love in a few years' time to find a base and settle down. That would be ideal. I don't think someone can do this for a prolonged period like 10 years, say,” McIlroy said.  “I'd like to think that in a few years' time I can find a place."

And would that place include his current girlfriend, tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki?  McIlroy didn’t say for sure, but he’s clearly smitten with his Danish love.

"There's my time away with Caroline  -- that's my time off. My time away. And I need that. Of course she's famous in her own right which can create its own situations, but I wouldn't call them problems,” McIlroy said.

"A few days after the Ryder Cup I came back to Europe and Caroline came back from Beijing and I've just been hanging out with her. We got into Turkey last Monday (October 8) and we've just been relaxing. It's a great situation to be in.

“If I have time, I'll travel wherever in the world she is, just to see her. That's what I want to do. That's what makes me happy.”

He sounds like such a sweet boyfriend! And there’s more – though he’s cleaning up on the golf course, his relationship with Caroline is worth more than any big win.

"Obviously it's very satisfying to win majors and important golf tournaments, but deep down, what makes me really happy is my life outside of golf and how that is at the moment. And that, of itself, enables me to play great golf because everything is sort of in balance."