The lack of celebrities at Chelsea Clinton's wedding was a sure indication the young woman and her new husband Marc Mezvinsky have their heads screwed on right.

Bill Clinton, pictured above giving away his daughter, must have been so proud of her and how she pulled it together.

While the paparazzi may have screamed blue murder at the lack of an Oprah or a Bono, the newlyweds showed that family and friends were paramount, not some mindless talking head or Hollywood creation with no direct connection to the family.

It is a nice reality to contemplate that only Ted Danson and Mary Steenbergen, friends for ever with the Clintons, were the only two Hollywood types that anyone could track down.

In a celebrity obsessed culture it was a wonderful reminder of what is most important on a couple's big day.

They clearly chose to spend it with family and friends and those who had made the life journey by their side.

It also meant that all the attention was on the newlyweds which is where it belonged on their special day.

SO well done Chelsea, you have proven once again how grounded a girl you are, Mazel Tov!