Demi Lovato & Niall Horan

Demi Lovato reportedly has her eyes set on One Direction’s Mullingar native Niall Horan. Lovato referred to Horan as “adorable,” prompting Niall’s mother Maura Horan to offer her blessing for the two.

The Evening Herald spoke with Maura Horan about her newly famous son and the rumors that he and Demi may be getting flirty with each other. Speaking of the former Disney starlet, Maura Horan said that Lovato would “be worthy, he has my blessing” but also added that Niall “doesn't have time" at the moment for a relationship.

Niall’s opinion of Demi? "I'd like to see her all right. And she's of a similar age, she seems to be a nice girl."

However, Maura Horan spoke to the reality of Niall getting romantically involved at the moment. She said "He only has a day off every now and then, it's hard to keep up with him -- everyday there's something else being said.”

Indeed, Niall Horan has been quite busy. As one fifth of the X-Factor created One Direction, he and his bandmates made music history when their album ‘Up All Night’ debuted at the top spot on the US charts, the first UK band ever to do so. With the huge debut, the boys are facing both an increasingly busy schedule, and a growing amount of pressure to stay on their game.

"I don't know much about [Demi] to be honest,” continued Maura Horan. “I'm sure there are lots of girls who like him, but he'll be up against this a lot because of the circles he's mixing in. He'll meet many lovely people along the way. Sure, last weekend he met the Obamas, the child's mind must be blown with what he's getting to see and do.”

It’s no doubt that One Direction have gained a loyal following. Calling themselves ‘Directioners,’ fans of One Direction helped propel the group to their unprecedented success with the debut of their album.

"All five of them are such normal, ordinary lads and this is what they're getting to do, it's amazing,” said Niall’s mom.

Up next for One Direction? An appearance on Saturday Night Live this Saturday night, followed by a flight to Australia the next morning. It was recently announced that the group will be headlining - an impressive accomplishment for a relatively new band - a gig at the world famous Madison Square Garden later this year.