Shock horror: Niall Horan kissing Ali McGinley
Bobby Horan, the doting Dad of One Direction star Niall’s, has let it slip that his son has “big feelings” for a local girl.

Horan’s Dad, who works are a butcher in Westmeath, says Niall has the hots for a brunette with big brown eyes.

UK magazine, Now, believes this is a description of Ali McGinley, the girl Niall’s recently been spotted hanging out with.

Bobby said “There's a local girl that Niall loves…I know he thinks of her as his sweetheart.
“She's very attractive, and they're close, but I don't know whether he's made any advances on her yet.”

He said the pair “got to know” each other over the past few months but Niall’s been busy with his US and Australian tours. Luckily he’s had time in the last few weeks to catch up with life at home.

His Dad said “When he goes out with this girl,' they go to the local disco and go bowling…There's not a lot to do around here.

“He's quite shy with girls, but if I were to say what his type is, it's a girl who likes the craic - to have a laugh.”