Niall Horan and his brother Greg

Greg, the brother of Ireland’s biggest earning pop star Niall Horan, the Irish aspect of One Direction, has said that he will not allow One Directioner (aka screaming fans) at his wedding.

Planning to marry in their hometown of Mullingar, Athlone, next year, the 24-year-old has said he’s “playing it cool”.

He told the Irish tabloid newspaper, the Herald, “I'm keeping very cool about the whole thing. I don't want loads of screaming One Direction fans there so I'm staying cool."

He said “I haven't a clue where it will take place or when. I haven't really thought about it yet. We only just got engaged."

However one thing he knows for sure is that he wants his brother Niall to be his best man.

"I really want Niall to be there on the day as my best man. Hopefully he'll be able to do it what with work and all," Greg said.

"We want to work with Niall's schedule -- he's my only brother so I want him to be my best man."

Greg and his fiancée Denise have been dating for "a good while" and only let the family know about the engagement a few weeks ago but he told the Herald “I knew she was the one all along, to be honest."

Niall is over the moon for the couple.

"He thinks the world of Denise so he was delighted for us. When he met her he hugged her so I knew he liked her," Greg added.

When asked about Niall settling down Greg said “I don't know if he'll meet someone tomorrow or in 20 years time -- who knows. Whatever happens, I'll be happy for him and proud of him."