Niall Horan
confirmed the picture
 circulating online was not him.

Niall Horan, One Direction’s resident Irish lad, has sounded off on Twitter dispelling rumors of a picture floating around the Internet of a lookalike getting steamy in the shower.

"That's not me by the way in that pic!" Niall wrote on his official Twitter @NiallOfficial on April 22.

Horan did say, however, "I'd be happy with biceps like that though to be fair!"

If Directioners, the diehard legion of One Direction fans, do want to see Horan lathering up, they need not look further than the boys’ recently released self-made video for ‘One Way or Another.’

In the video, Horan is being his typical goofball self while dancing around in the shower donning a shower cap.

Niall Horan and the rest of One Direction are currently in the midst of their second worldwide tour.