One Direction...not big in Ghana?And there was us thinking they dominated the global music industry!

Guess the lads of One Direction have some corners of the world they’ve yet to conquer! While in Ghana doing charity work with Comic Relief, the Irish-English pop sensation was mistaken for none other than former Irish sensation Westlife.

RTE reports that locals though that the lads of One Direction were in fact Westlife.

Liam Payne told the Daily Mirror: "In the slum there were these lads that we were playing football with. They turned around to us and were like, 'Ah, Westlife, Westlife!' So, Westlife are bigger than us over there. That's something we've gotta achieve..."

Together, One Direction recorded a cover of the Blondie hit ‘One Way or Another,’ whose proceeds will directly benefit the charity Comic Relief. The single will be for sale on iTunes on February 17th.

Mullingar native Niall Horan said of their charitable efforts, “We didn't want to make a massive expensive video because that's just a waste of money. So we kinda made it ourselves."

Louis Tomlinson added "By buying the song, together we'll change people's lives. What an amazing thing to do. Buy music that you like and change lives."