Niall Horan would like to sell to aliens
The One Direction are hoping to do one better that Black Eyed Peas singer who launched his track “Reach for the Stars” by playing it in Mars, via the Curiosity Rover.

However Niall has claimed that the boy band is going to go one better by actually selling their next tracks to aliens.

The Mullingar said, while speaking to the Irish Sun “I think our goal for ten years down the line should be to sell a single in outer space and be the first band to do so.

"I want aliens to buy our music. It is worth a shot and is obtainable."

Bandmate Louis Tomlinson added “We should speak to that band 30 Seconds To Mars – they could probably help us.”

The silly One Direction boys are set to host a VMA First Special on MTV UK this Tuesday, 4th September.