Nancy Grace in, Ryan O'Neal out, those are the two major surprises in DWTS for next season I'd say. ABC just announced the entire list.

The grapevine had it that O'Neal was definitely in the show while there were real questions about whether Nancy Grace, with her nightly show, was just a tease or the real thing.

Looks like O'Neal might have proved too much of an unsavory character with his daughter alleging he tried to pick her up etc.

Nancy Grace doesn't have that problem though her hectoring style on TV can get on anyone's nerves.

She's also taking a career chance here. DWTS stars tend to be either over the hill or never climbed the hill. She's at the top with a lot to lose if she becomes frivolous and silly.

She has a stellar record and will donate any winnings to a foundation for missing and exploited children.

Still it is hard to see 'Miss Frosty Face' lighting up the stage as a ballroom dancer with her presence.

I have a feeling she will not last very long.