Are you interested in dismantling what's left of Irish America's good name in a new sure to be a mega-hit TV reality show?

MTV are looking to cast the East Coast Irish American version of the notorious 'Jersey Shore.' You read that right. Plans are already well advanced because they already have a title: 'Wicked Summer.'

Say goodbye to Snooki and The Situation and say hello to Dorchester, Worcester, Boston and a 'Wicked Summer' on the Cape.

The edgy cable music channel is currently casting the show in Boston and is said to be seeking a group of 'Irish stereotypes' who'll be featured on the new reality show each week.

Hmm, I wonder what kind of people they'll be looking for? Writers, poets, actors, musicians or playwrights?

Forget that.

The MTV casting agency is looking for blue collar, hard working, harder partying, tough talking, damn good looking Massachusetts natives from all over the state (they even consider preppies if you've got what it takes). If you love cahs, live to pahty and already know how to get to Havard Yahd, then this is the show for you.

If you're picked, and you may well be, just remember it's all fun and games until you realize your mother owns a HDTV too. So please don't be disgracing the home country with all the racuous nights of drunken mayhem and madness that you just know MTV are praying for.

Some people are sure to love the show when it airs. Other's are probably already drafting their protest letters. What would an Irish version of Snooki look like? What would she be called? More importantly, who would she date and what will it mean for Irish America's reputation?

Excited yet? Are you ready for your close up? The run along and fill out the application.

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Do you think 'Wicked Summer' is a cool idea or a disaster waiting to happen?