Lindsay Lohan
The troubled actress – who was last week told she had to clean morgues for 16 hours a week as part of a court order until a probation hearing on November 2 – has parted ways with Lou Taylor because she felt like her finances were not being looked after properly.

According to, the 25-year-old star was also concerned Lou – who also manages Britney Spears – could not put enough time into her and not give her the attention she requires because she works from Tennessee.

Despite the claim, Lindsay's representative Steve Honig has said the split between the two was "amicable" and they "remain friends".

The 'Mean Girls' star faced trouble on her first day at the morgue last week because she turned up late.
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However, when she did arrive on time for her next session, she was forced to undertake menial work such as cleaning toilets and washing soiled bed linens.

She was seen enjoying a cigarette break with two of her colleagues while she was there, and reportedly tried to apologise to staff by buying them burgers and cupcakes to make up for her tardiness the previous day, but they were rejected.