Irish American Molly Hagerty, the woman at the center of the Al Gore sex case comes from a respected Irish family tree, descendants of which are known for their determination to see thing through.

Indeed, the Hagerty family crest is "We neither bend nor change".
All of which may make Al Gore a little bit more nervous as he faces his accuser.

The meaning of the surname from the Gaelic is "unjust. But she shares a similar last name with another member of the clan a bishop in Ireland who has become embroiled in his own sex abuse scandal.

The roots of the name are in County Derry in Ireland. The most famous holder of the name currently but for many of the the wrong reasons, is Bishop Seamus Hegarty, a slightly different spelling .

He is Bishop of Derry and has been accused by representatives for abused children of seeking to cover up a pedophile priest in his previous diocese.

Seamus Hegarty was Bishop of Raphoe in Donegal from 1982 - 1994. He is being asked to explain how he ignored the activities of child rapist Father Eugene Greene who served as a priest in Raphoe during that period.

The statement from Voices Of The Faithful reads: "On December 9th, 2009, in response to the publication of the Murphy report on clerical child sex abuse in Dublin archdiocese, the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference announced: We are shamed by the extent to which child sexual abuse was covered up in the Archdiocese of Dublin and recognize that this indicates a culture that was widespread in the Church."

"During the period 1982-1994 Bishop Seamus Hegarty was bishop of Raphoe. The prolific child rapist Eugene Greene served as a priest in Raphoe in that period. Gardai did not become aware of his crimes against twenty-six young men until 1997. However, there is compelling evidence, revealed in 2008 in the book 'Breaking the Silence' that his criminal activities were known to Raphoe clergy at least as early as 1976."

Bishop Hegarty has denied the accusations