It's been four years since The O.C. went off the air, but Mischa Barton is still never far from the headlines. If only she could trade her most photographed celebrity role for an actual screen one! This week Barton has devised a new plan to save her career – which let’s face it has been more or less on auto-pilot since 2007.

The gorgeous 23-year-old hogtie who currently spends her days running over curbs while smoking suspicious looking substances hopes that her recently dyed blond locks will move her in the direction of an acting payday.

As one source tells the press, “She’s convinced being blonde is the key to changing her fortunes because not only does she feel more positive but she’s found people to be more positive towards her — guys especially!”

Hopefully those guys will include an impressed film director or two. Barton's meant for better things than just the celebrity sightings file.