The former ‘O.C.’ actress – who was hospitalised under an involuntary psychiatric hold two years ago - insists she has no plans to return to television acting because she is enjoying taking time out to look after herself.

She said: “TV is not something that I'm looking at right now for a second, just because I'm really at a restful place in my life. I'm really just taking my downtime. I've seen a lot of other girls who just kept going and kind of spazzed out and I'm just really grateful to be settled right now and not working and not doing anything but working on myself.

“I just feel really blessed with a convergence of really good things going on right now so I'm not in a rush to do a project. I think television is gruelling and this year there's been such an uproar with, like, the Charlie Sheens of actors - well, I think he's amazing .

“I just think it's not the time for me to be on television. I'll just a wait a second on it, but I do like TV. It's a good forum.”

Mischa also admitted she found the level of success she achieved with ‘The O.C’ bizarre and found the devotion some fans had to the show “creepy”.

She added in an interview with Zap2It: “I remember being really shocked like, the day after it aired, we went to this FOX event that we thought was going to be nothing. We literally thought it was the empty lot next to this craziness. We were like, 'Oh, what's that for? All those crazy screaming fans. We want to go there, that's a party!' They were like, 'That's where you're going.' All of these people bombarded us and I was like, 'Oh my god. It's barely been on the air.'

“Let's face it, a lot of people lived or died by those characters for awhile. It was kind of creepy just because people obsess over you.”