Mischa Barton

The 27-year-old actress - who was sectioned for two weeks under the US mental health act in 2009 - is also thankful to have a "great support network" around her who can help her stay "strong".

Asked how she deals with her lowest moments, she said: "Music is massively important to me because I play a bunch of instruments. I read tons and I write poetry, anything creative is a good outlet.

"I've always had a great support network around me. I've been really blessed with a lot of older figures in my life to turn to in a moment of need and that's really important.

"Having people who love you is more important than anything, whether the public is busy loving you or not at that moment. I have stayed relatively strong because I've got those great people."

Mischa believes the worst of her problems are now behind her as she now has a very positive outlook on life.

She added in an interview with the new UK issue of Grazia magazine: "I think actors are complicated souls. Everybody has different layers and deals with things in different ways. As you get older, things just calm down.

"I'm probably one of the happiest people and my outlook on life is positive."