Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

The 28-year-old model – who has 10-month-old son Flynn with the 'Three Musketeers' star – treated her actor husband to the luxurious underwear for the pair of them to enjoy.

She said: "Well he had to get into character so I bought him these silk boxer shorts and it kind of helped."

Asked by TV talk show host Chelsea Handler what she meant by get into character, she replied: "For, you know, us. I don't want to tell you what he bought me."

During the interview, the Victoria's Secret model also spoke about Flynn, revealing he is already showing an interest in music and dancing.

She said: "He loves hip-hop.

"When I had him in my stomach, I'd play music and sometimes I'd put on hip-hop and dance around. So now, I put hip-hop on and he shakes his head - pretty funny."

She also said the youngster loves being the centre of attention, even when she tries to keep him out of the spotlight.

Miranda explained: "[During an outing], I was pulling the scarf over to cover him from the paparazzi, and he was pulling it down, like, 'Hey guys! Here I am.' "

The catwalk beauty also refused painkilling drugs when she gave birth to Flynn in January and jokingly claimed the experience has given her a much higher pain threshold.

She said: "I was so determined to have a natural childbirth. Now I can much more easily handle a paper cut."

Here's the trailer for the upcoming movie 'The Three Musketeers':