Hard-man Mickey Rourke, 57, has never hidden his affection for model girlfriend Anastassija Makaranko and this past week has been no exception.

In New York after a lunch in the Meatpacking District with his 24-year-old Russian gal pal, Rourke was photographed kissing and affectionately embracing her in public.

Since their first day the couple have been inseparable.

The Oscar winner, sporting a new sexy tight hair-cut, seems to be settling down by all accounts.

"The Expendables" star claims he is a changed man.

In a recent interview with OK magazine, Rourke, who has two failed marriages, said staying faithful to Makaranko is not easy.

"I haven't been that way for 23-years so this is new to me and it's not easy," he said.

"Sure, I could do something on the side but I've got to live with myself.

"That's something new to me, being honest in a relationship. There is still that part of me where I didn't care about repercussions or being responsible, but when it was really dark and there was no daylight, the only person I could blame for my downfall is myself."