The recent picture of Michelle Obama dressed extremely casually in a Target store near the White House shopping incognito makes one thing clear.

Michelle you are no Jackie Kennedy!

One can only imagine how Jackie would have shuddered at the image of Michelle caught dressed so casually.

Jackie was a woman who invented the mystique of the First Lady's office.

Part of that was always to appear in public dressed to the hilt, a paragon of style and charm.

Michelle Obama is a beautiful woman, but quite what looking like a suburban mom on a bad day does for her job title I'm not sure.

Perhaps we should be glad that she's just normal like the rest of us

But maybe we don't want normal when it comes to first ladies, no more than Hollywood stars.

We want that little touch of secrecy that can add to the intrigue and the mystery.

That is why Jackie Kennedy has remained such a mythical and attractive figures all these years later.

And why Michelle did herself no favors dressing down for the camera on her 'secret' shopping trip.


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