Kate Major filed documents to obtain a ruling from a judge in Sarasota County, Florida, in which the showbiz patriarch – who is the father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan – is banned from going within 500ft of her and is forbidden from making contact in any way.
The order comes a week after Michael was arrested for allegedly assaulting Kate.
In her court filing, she claims Michael "came from behind and threw me against the footrest of our bed … He took a wet towel over my mouth and nose and was strangling me."
The documents, obtained by gossip website TMZ, also claim Michael cut himself with a razor blade and threatened to blame her for his injury.
The papers add: “He did say if I went to cops, he would say I injured him. He is insane.”
Michael – who has been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence over last week’s incident – has denied the accusations, accusing Kate of lying, faking her injuries and attacking him.
He said: "I didn't touch her. I didn't do a damn thing to her.
"When we got back to the house, she was in the bedroom and I was cooking dinner when she started screaming.
She was yelling 'What the f**k is this? You're a piece of s**t. Who is Maryann Mancuso?' and that is a friend of mine.
"She was holding my phone and I grabbed it away from her. She had something sharp in her hand and she grabbed my arm and slashed my arm open.
"I told her to get out of here, you get your stuff and get out of here right now.
"She said I gave her a fat lip, she has Restylane in her lips. This was all a set up."

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