The showbiz patriarch – father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan – was found to have dangerously high blood pressure during a check by a nurse at his local doctor’s office, prompting staff to call for an ambulance to take him to Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.

Michael was kept in hospital overnight, though no information about his condition is currently known.
The 50 year old has undergone a stressful period recently, with Lindsay, 24, being sent to rehab for three months after failing a court-ordered drug test at the end of last year.

Last month, the former Wall Street trader revealed he was helping his daughter financially as well as supporting her recovery after she completed her treatment at the Betty Ford Center.

He said: “She is doing great. She is taking it easy and just doing things in her own way. I am supporting her with a lot of money!

“As long as she stays around the same people she is with now. She hasn't been going out anywhere. She has been staying at home, cooking her own meals, going to the gym."

Michael – who was estranged from the actress until recently - has been spotted with the ‘Mean Girls’ star on a number of occasions in California.

He is also parent to Ali, Michael Jr. and Cody with former wife Dina, but has a strained relationship with his family.