The ‘Mean Girls’ star was recently released from the Betty Ford rehabilitation clinic in California after completing a three-month court-ordered stint and while he doesn’t want to interfere too much, the showbiz patriarch is making sure she’s fine for money.

He said: “She is doing great. I was just on the phone with her. She is taking it easy and just doing things in her own way. I am supporting her with a lot of money!”

Michael – who is divorced from Lindsay’s mother Dina – is confident the 24-year-old actress can now stay sober because she has removed all the bad influences in her life.

He told America’s OK! magazine: “As long as she stays around the same people she is with now. She hasn’t been going out anywhere. She has been staying at home, cooking her own meals, going to the gym.”

Michael - who has battled alcohol issues himself in the past – recently said Lindsay was doing everything she can to stay sober and has even been attending Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings with her.

He said: "We went to an AA meeting last night then went home and had a quiet night.

"She changed back to the girl she used to be. When she was at her best - literally. She's done a 180 and I'm very proud of her."

Even though she has left the rehab facility, Lindsay will still be subject to random drug and alcohol testing with a psychiatrist until a court hearing on February 24.