The 50-year-old father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan – who is currently taking part on TV show ‘Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab’ for anger management issues – is accused of getting upset when Kate refused to take part in a counselling session at the Pasadena Therapy Center when she discovered he had been lying to her, and lashed out at her pal.

She said: “I agreed privately to go to ‘Celebrity Rehab’ over the weekend for couples therapy even though we've been broken up - I thought it would be therapeutic for both of us.
“However, I found out all the lies that have been going on with myself, with his friends and with his family in the past few months.
"I still agreed to go to therapy last night though and that's when all hell broke loose. When I turned up at the centre I found out Michael had lied to me about numerous things, including other women. I immediately called the counsellors and said I would not be attending the therapy session and I left.
"Michael found out and fled the Pasadena Recovery Center on foot and found me and a friend that I was with. This is when I became very afraid of him and my life and other situations.”
Producers from the show gave chase when they discovered he had left the show, but didn’t get there in time to stop him punching her friend, leaving her “very scared”.
She added to “In the meantime, Michael ripped a bracelet off my hand and then punched my girlfriend in the face – it was all caught on camera. I was very emotional, and I was very, very scared.”
She also revealed she “felt sorry” for his former wife Dina for having to deal with him for 18 years of marriage.
She said: “I wish that he gets the help that he needs and I feel sorry that Dina was stuck with him for 18 years and my heart goes out to his children."