Michael Buble at Brown Thomas on Grafton Street (Peter Muhly/AFP/Getty Images)

Canadian crooner Michael Buble is such a frequent visitor to Ireland that he should own a home there at this point . . . and sure enough, that’s exactly what he’s thinking of doing, purchasing real estate in the depressed Irish market.

"Yeah, course I would, absolutely. I would love to have a home that I could just be in for more than a few days because every year I go to about 45 countries and I wake up in a lot of hotel rooms and I don't know where I am.  So yeah, it would be nice to have a house here. A castle. A gigantic castle,” he told the press on Friday after switching on the Christmas lights on Grafton Street in Dublin, the city’s main shopping road, with thousands of thrilled fans looking on.

Buble was also in town to promote his new holiday CD, and given that his Irish fan base is so intense --  he’s one of the best-selling artists ever there – it’s a sure bet that it’ll soon soar to the top of the charts. 

“(Ireland) is a special place, of course, because I've been accepted more here than I have been probably anywhere else in the world. Garth Brooks went through this, right? Where you guys really dug him? You know what, I think it's kind of cool being a Canadian kid and realizing you've found somewhere so far away that shares so many of the same values,” he said.

Buble also spoke about his sell-out concert at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin last year, which he calls a career high point.

"At that time, that was the biggest gig I had ever played, with over 50,000 people there. And it wasn't just 54,000 people, it was 54,000 Irish people and there is a difference,” he said  "They were all singing along and were so loud at one point that I couldn't hear myself.”