Melissa McCarthy and her husband Ben Falcone

The 42-year-old actress says she has never been happier since meeting Ben – with whom she has daughters Vivian, six and Georgette, three.

She told the July/August issue of More magazine: "I got hit with the lucky stick with Ben.”

However, Ben – who appeared in 'Bridesmaids' with Melissa – thinks they are equally lucky because they are perfect for each other.

He said: "We got hit with the same lucky stick. From the very first time we spoke, we were on the same page. We love each other, respect each other and try not to sweat the small stuff. And we really make each other laugh."

While Melissa's weight has been the subject of much scrutiny, she is proud to be an inspiration to young comedic actresses struggling to make it in Hollywood.

She explained: "The letters I really love are from young actresses who were worried they had to fit a certain look. They say I've opened it up. And I don't just mean plus-size girls. You can push things now. With all the great performances in 'Bridesmaids', it changed how people see funny women.

"I've been every size in the world. Parts of my twenties, I was in great shape, but I didn't appreciate it.
If I was a six or an eight, I thought, 'Why aren't I a two or a four?' Now I feel like I have two great kids and the dreamiest husband on the planet, and everything else is just a work in progress.

"I've stopped worrying about the stupid stuff I worried about at 20, because at 20 you don't have any responsibilities, so of course you're a shallow narcissist. You can't appreciate anything, you're so self-absorbed. I bought into it - I should be taller, thinner, have better hair. But I think that's part of being young.

"Now, especially with kids, you lose any sense of time or energy to worry about all the little stuff. It's like the chip was taken out."