Either some of these tapes are fake of Mel Gibson has completely lost it.

It’s reported that in his latest rant recording, which was announced on RadarOnline.com, Gibson demands sex from his ex Oksana Grigorieva and then threatens to burn down the house, where his child was living.

Somehow I don’t think this is going to help his custody battle.

The report on RadarOnline.com said quoted the new recording. It said “I deserve to be bl*wn first! Before the f*cking Jacuzzi! Ok, I’ll burn the goddamn house up, but bl*w me first! How dare you!??!”

This is the fourth tape released where Gibson disturbingly threatens his ex girlfriend. In this tape, supposedly, he tells his ex that he is seeing a therapist and then warns her “I better have my daughter.”

In the other three tapes he has admitted to hitting Grigorieva and twice threatens to kill her. He also talks about smashing her teeth in saying “you deserved it” and “You need a f**king bat in the side of the head.”

Their custody battle over their young daughter is ongoing.