It seems that the Daily Mail reports that Mel Gibson was fleeing the United States to reconcile with his ex-wife in the Australia were incorrect.

Mel Gibson’s representative, Alan Nierob, has said “there’s no truth in the Mail story.” In fact Gibson is continuing to work on his new movie “The Beaver” as the controversial trial over custody of his child continues.

His rep confirmed that he’s continuing to work he said he “did shoot in NYC two weeks ago”. The shoot took place on July 1 the same day that the first controversial tape was releases by Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.

“The Beaver” has no release date as yet but he will star alongside Jodie Foster.

Since the release of four tapes of audio by Girogrieva Gibson has been let go by his talent agency William Morris Endeavor. In the four tapes he uses a huge amount of expletives and violent language, demanding sex, threatening violence and saying that he will take the small daughter.

Last Friday a photograph of Girogrieva was released showing her beaten. Gibson claims that this has been doctored by Girogrieva’s reps claims it is true and accurate.