Mel Gibson is moving back to Australia with his first wife Robyn according to reports.

The Irish Australian star-- his mother is from County Longford ----has reunited with his wife after his Russian former girlfriend accused him of hitting her and released tapes where Gibson embarked on a sexist and racist harangue of her.

The authenticity of the tapes have now been challenged and ex-wife Robyn does not believe they are real.

The former Lethal Weapon star, has sold his Hollywood home , known as Old Mill Farm, for $30 million – $15 million less than the asking price.

Gibson, 54, is ready to contest the allegations of Oksana Grigorieva, 40, who also claims he punched her and hurt their baby, Lucia, while drunk in January.

A source close to the family told the Daily Mail : ‘Oksana’s allegations have united Mel and Robyn and this move is her idea.

‘She is shocked and furious at this woman’s lies and their seven children are shocked.

‘Robyn has never seen a violent side to him.

‘She has persuaded him that he needs to get away from Hollywood and find peace on his ranch and she will go with him along with some of the children.’

A friend of Miss Grigorieva said: ‘Oksana has done nothing but tell the truth.’

Gibson and wife Robyn divorced last year shortly after he was pictured for the first time with Miss Grigorieva.

A spokesman for Gibson declined to comment.