Why is Megyn Kelly making such an ass of herself?

She appeared on the Howard Stern Show and admitted she'd have sex with Bill O'Reilly, marry Sean Hannity and kill Glenn Beck as part of some silly Stern game.

And she wants to be taken seriously? Appearing with an idiot host in his late 50s who still acts like a 10 year old kid with his first dirty thought?

I'd call this a bimbo eruption of the worst kind. The kind that rivals that volcano in Iceland for eruptions

Kelly is a lawyer, a news anchor and a professional woman who just made a complete idiot of herself.

She admitted she was nervous going on the show --and she should be.

She is throwing away a hard won reputation as a serious journalist with something to contribute.

If she wants to play silly games with Stern then she should close out her career as a newswoman and commentator pronto.

We don't need another dumb Blondie on Fox flashing her legs and fake sex appeal and worse, playing up to man/child Howard Stern.

Meghan, you just made a major misstep.

What's next" Dancing with the Stars" with Octomom or Kate Gosselin?