While publicizing her new book "Dirty Sexy Politics" Meghan McCain took an opportunity to appear on Bill O'Reilly's how to talk dirty politics with the man himself.

The interview got going with Bill questioning Meghan on the statements she had made about Sarah Palin on "Good Morning America" on Tuesday morning. McCain managed to get herself out of that one by saying that the only "beef" she has with Palin is a political one saying there's room in the party for everyone.

Meghan then went on to give her opinions on how President Obama is doing. Not great according to her.

It was then that the interview got a bit strange. It moved on to Henry Kissinger's sex life! Meghan said "The sexy part, as Dr. Kissinger says, is that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac." Bill responded with "I heard he was quite the ladies man…”

Meghan the every professional managed to steer off the topic of Kissinger and right back to her book. She said "The political process is sexy. I think democracy is sexy. And Republicans can start rebranding themselves as small government being sexy."

Meghan seems to have been attempting to rebrand the Republican party as sexy for some time now. This fresh new voice for the GOP has modeled for the NOH8 campaign, been vocal about gay marriage and is a avid tweeter. Why shouldn't see be their sexy new rep?