The curvy actress – who is married to Brian Austin Green – insists her outfits in 'Friends With Kids' are more restrained than people are used to seeing her wear, but viewers' eyes will still be drawn to her assets.

She said: "Though my boobs are a point of discussion in the film, the wardrobe was restrained. That was a departure as I usually have an outrageous wardrobe."

Megan was axed from the 'Transformers' franchise ahead of the third movie, 'Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,' and while she refused to comment on claims of tension between herself and director Michael Bay she admitted she is now only taking on roles where she will have "happy experiences."

She added to the Daily Mail newspaper: "I just want to work with people I want to be around and to have happy experiences.

"There are certain situations where it's encouraged to be an actor and there are situations where it's discouraged. [I've learned to walk away from situations where] someone's being abusive on set."

Megan enjoys married life with Brian and particularly loves it when her husband wakes her with a cup of coffee on the days she has to work.

She said: "I bless his soul when he does that for me."