At the LA premiere of 'Jonah Hex' last June, rumors began to swirl as Megan Fox appeared to look a bit too perfect. Her high cheekbones, perfect rosy cheeks, and plump lips marked her as an easy target for reporters to question the obvious: Had the natural beauty undergone plastic surgery?

Fox has been adamant that she hasn’t undergone anything. She said in an interview with Allure magazine that “my lips are my lips,” and then even went on to encourage anyone is considering getting plastic surgery to speak with a therapist and figure out what the real root of their insecurities are.
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However, to prove to her fans that she’s all-natural, Fox posted pictures of herself contorting her face in ways that people who had gotten Botox simply wouldn’t be able to do. She called the album, “Things you can’t do with you fave when you have Botox.”

In one picture, she scrunched her eyebrows together, creating wrinkle lines above her brow line. In another, she did an angry face, causing similar wrinkles to appear. She then did a surprised and a seductive face, arching what seems to be her very natural eyebrows.

According to the Daily Mail, Megan is currently the face for Giorgio Armani’s new line as “The Face of Beauty,” in which she appears all-natural by highlighting her surgery-free lips and eyes.