Despite playing the part of an amazingly stunning character, Megan Fox’s latest film release “Passion Play” has bombed and is now going straight to DVD.

“Passion Play” premiered at the Toronto film festival last September but instead of being released on the big screen, it is going straight to DVD.

Speaking about her film last September the 24-year-old actress described it as her best role yet, however critics have slated the production.

Fox’s lead character is described “an angel under the thumb of a ruthless gangster is saved by a trumpet player down on his luck”.

For some scenes the newly-wed saunters around in a low-cut dress, dressed in a fur coat and dripping with diamonds.

Despite looking her usual stunning self, her new film is already a flop and going straight to DVD.

Despite a stellar cast line up which includes, Fox, Mikey Rourke, Bill Murray and Rhys Ifans, Critics have described it as 'awful', a 'mess' and 'an absolute car wreck'

Check out this video of Fox talking about her role in which she described her character as ‘damaged’ and ‘exposed’

“I was in love with her, I wanted to be her’” Fox told Hollywood Dailes.