The 31-year-old actor – who plays teacher Will Schuester in the hit musical drama series – would never have taken part in a star-search programme but believes ‘American Idol’ and ‘X Factor’ have paved the way for different types of show to become acceptable on mainstream television.

He said: "I don't think Glee would be around if 'X Factor' and 'American Idol' did not exist. It was inspired by those shows. I'm glad they exist, otherwise I wouldn't be here.

"I'd never have wanted to be on shows like those because I enjoyed my journey. The struggles made me the artist I am."

Matthew admits he feels “bad” for contestants on reality TV shows because the rise to fame is so instant, saying he found it difficult to cope with his own rapid success after ‘Glee’ became a hit.

He added in an interview with The Sun newspaper: "People on those shows go from being nothing to everything overnight, and that's not real.

"I feel bad for them. They get the lifestyle but then can't take the fall, because there's always a fall.
"I know ‘Glee’ will be gone one day. So it is what it is. I do wish I'd planned for the fame side of things more as it is weird.

"But I love that I didn't go into this business for that reason."