Matthew McConaughey's giant head in this new Dolce & Gabbana campaigns shows the perils of over airbrushing.

Not only that but he looks like Ken, with every smile like and crease ironed out of his face.

It's not like the entire world doesn't know what MConaughey's body looks like (the man seems incapable of keeping his top on most of the time).

But in these new shots McConaughy is dangerously close to looking like a bobble head toy.

As for his face you would think that people would learn that the botoxed, line free face is just a weird weird look.

It seems that someone has made a mess up along the way in this campaign. In the 2008 campaign McConnaughey was a lot less airbrushed.

It's not like our Irish American boy needs much help in the looks department. In 2005 the 40-year-old was voted People's Sexiest Man Alive.

He should most definitely stick to those topless beach shots. Much more attractive.