Matthew McConaughey's wife Camila Alves
The 29-year-old model - who is married to Matthew McConaughey - admits carrying her third child is much "different" to when she was expecting son Levi, now four, and daughter Vida, now two.

She said: “This [pregnancy] has been a little different.

“Anything you can feel in a pregnancy, I’m feeling in this one. So put it all in the pile, that’s how I’m feeling.”
However, Camila is not yet experiencing any unusual food cravings.

She added to People: “We have gone the complete opposite direction eating wise, but we’re navigating it. But I don’t really have cravings yet.”

Though the brunette's beauty's career means she has to take care of her appearance, she revealed her husband favours a more natural look - and the 'Killer Joe' star even asked her to go bare-faced when they married in July.

She said: “He likes as simple as possible. Less make-up, less everything.

“I remember for the wedding he was like, ‘Don’t put any make-up on,’ and I was like, ‘It’s our wedding, [I'm going to] want to put makeup on!’”