The 'Magic Mike' actor - who married the Brazilian beauty at their Texas home earlier this month - will never forget the moment he first saw his bride because it was such a wonderful feeling.

He said: "As soon my head came down the music cued and she walked in and I lost it. It was wonderful and I'll never forget that moment."

The 42-year-old star - who has children Levi, three, and Vida, two, with Camila - insists he had no pre-wedding nerves because he was so certain of his feelings.

He told 'Access Hollywood': "I was not nervous leading up to it, because I was secure in what I was doing. I knew how I loved regret. There was none of that. No, 'Am I doing the right thing?' I was way past that."

However, the 'Lincoln Lawyer' star admits he became overwhelmed when he realised he was the "king" of 29-year-old Camila's childhood dreams.

He said: "We had that long like 30, 40 second pause before she came out and started the wedding music and I remember leaning my head back and sort of just thinking and praying...

"I had gone through 42 years of my life and things when you were a child and looking forward to getting married one day and everything.

"Then I went through 29 years of her life and it hit me that here's this woman that was once a young girl and this is every girl's dream to find their prince and find their king and to have that fairytale that a young girl has and then grows into a woman, and then it hit me I went, 'And I'm that man.' "