The ‘Magic Mike’ actor is planning to tie the knot with his long term partner – with who he has three-year-old son Levi and two-year-old daughter Vida – in a special ceremony in Texas.

According to E! News just two dozen clothes friends and relatives have been invited to the “cosy” celebration, with those working at the event signing a nondisclosure contract.

Camila was due to be honoured at the Step Up Women’s Network event in Beverly Hills last week but instead sent a video message so she could remain close to the wedding plans.

Matthew, 42, recently moved his family back to Austin, Texas because he loves the laid-back vibe of the city and enjoys a level of anonymity he cannot achieve elsewhere.

He said: “No one recognizes you and no one asks you, 'Hey, what do you do?' because I don't think anyone cares.

"Fridays show up sooner here. You want to get along in Austin, you want to get along in Texas, all you have to do is be yourself."