Flame haired Molly Hagerty is set to become Al Gore's Monica Lewinsky if the National Enquirer is to be believed.

The Irish American masseuse is pictured in the latest issue holding up a pair of pants she claimed she wore the night in 2006 she alleges Gore assaulted her while she was giving him a massage in a Portland,Oregon hotel.

She calls Al Gore a "pervert and sexual predator" in the National Enquirer piece and police have reopened the investigation into the 2006 incident in Portland, Oregon when Gore allegedly pursued her during a massage session.

There are reports that Hagerty sold her story to the Enquirer for $1 million.

She claims there is physical evidence on the pants she wore that Gore did try and have sex with her.

Gore is strongly denying.

"Further investigation into this matter will only benefit Mr. Gore," family spokesperson Kalee Kreider told

The Enquirer broke the original Lewinsky story about President Clinton's affair with a White House intern.

They also broke the John Edwards scandal involving another leading Democratic presidential contender.

Now Molly Hagerty has become the latest femme fatale for Democrats.

Ironic isn't it that Gore, who castigated Clinton so loudly after Lewinsky may have been throwing stones in a glasshouse?

Now we suspect we know why Tipper wanted out of their marriage.

We await any new evidence from Molly Hagerty but the National Enquirer has a habit of getting these stories right.