In a tell all interview, Mary Byrne's only daughter, Debbie has spoke of her estranged father and the strength of her mother.

Mary Byrne who turned 51 last week, raised her only daughter as a single mother. Debbie Byrne spoke about her only meeting with her father when she was six-years-old. But she admits she doesn't need him.

“I don’t know my dad. My mam was both parents to me; I am the person I am because of her, nothing to do with him," the 23-year-old told the Irish Mail on Sunday.

"I don’t even know him. I wouldn’t recognize him if I passed him in the street. I only ever saw him once in my life when I was about six.

"I was walking down the street with my mam and we bumped into him. My mam talked to him for a minute. The, when he had left, she said to me, “That was your dad.”

Debbie insists she has never missed her father as her grandad and uncle have played an important role in her life.

"I never felt that I missed anything. If people in school asked where my dad was, I just told them he was out of the country working. I had my granddad and my Uncle Willie there. Father’s Day came and went. At school on Father’s Day, I would make cards for Willie and my granddad.

"I’ve got over the fact that my dad’s gone. He means nothing to me. I have nothing to do with him and I don’t want anything to do with him,’ she said.

“As I said I am the person I am today because of my mam. Not because of him," the Dubliner added.

Commenting on the rumors that Wagner and Mary had hit it off, Debbie says there is no chance.  According to Debbie, the “X Factor” star has dated a few guys since her birth but nothing ever serious.

“I wouldn’t let Wagner in the door,’ says Debbie. "Ma probably dated about three guys since I was born but she never, ever brought them home. I’d love to see her meet someone but only if the right man came along.”

The Dubliner also revealed that Mary may be considering a gastric band operation, to reduce her weight. A Dublin clinic, The Hospital Group have offered to fund the operation.

“The Hospital Group got in touch with me and they sent me out a letter. I will give it to her next week. I said it to her and she said she would be a bit nervous because of the whole operation but I’d say it is something that she would definitely consider.”

Debbie, who works as a cleaner, says she would love to see her mother perform a Bangles classicon the show.

"I’d love to see her sing Eternal Flame. She used to sing that to me when I was a baby, so that would be very emotional for me and her."